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Ken Matheson Construction has been providing home improvement and renovation services for over 15 years in Victoria BC. Our clients are your neighbours, friends, and co-workers who want to give their home a new look. We pride ourselves on providing honest, professional service you can trust. Let’s work together and come up with a plan to build your dream home.

ken matheson
"Ken's hands on skills are excellent covering the range from forming to fine finishing. When we have future projects, Ken will be at the top of our list to rehire. I highly recommend him to anyone in the position to use his skills. Please feel free to contact us anytime if more information is required."
Eric Bentzon
Bentzon Design and Consulting
"Ken has performed a number of jobs in my home; ranging from detailed trim work to installing hard wood flooring and rebuilding our deck. Ken is reliable, presentable and polite. Ken is open to your design input and sticks to a budget of time and cost. Ken will go the extra mile in the interest of a successful project and a satisfied customer. His positive attitude combined with his abilities is a real assest."
Harvey Mathews
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